Micromanagement: Leadership and Shelly

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Answer to Case of “Micromanagement”
Q1: Is George guilty of micromanaging? Why or why not?
Answer: No. George hates micromanaging and even disagrees that he is micromanaging. He thinks “micromanaging” is an excuse that Shelly threw out to dissemble her incapability, for the reason that a successful manager would never micromanage those employees who are capable enough. In additional, he thought Shelly is not so enthusiastic and hungry-to-learn as the beginning, which costs him a lot of time to correct her mistakes. Therefore, George may be angry rather than guilty.

Q2: What influence tactics does George use with Shelly and what is her reaction to those tactics? Give an example to support your response. To what degree do his tactics engender trust with Shelly? Answer: George used 1) Rational persuasion, 2) Ingratiation, 3) Pressure. 1) Rational persuasion. After reading the release draft at the first time, George recommended a new title, and Shelly countered that she doesn’t agree. To make Shelly align with him, George used the rational persuasion tactic to analyze the situation logically and give evidence, and argued why he consists to use such a strong title. The reaction of Shelly here is she pursed her lips and nodded slightly, which means she wanted to argue, but gave up and accepted his suggestion reluctantly. Without enough participation from Shelly, George made the decision himself, largely harming the trust between them in this situation.

2) Ingratiation. After persuading Shelly to adopt his suggestion, George tried to encourage Shelly a little bit by flattering her: “Thanks Shel, you are the best”. Ingratiation tactic was used here. However, Shelly didn’t feel any happiness when hearing this, and she no longer like him as before. Again, the trust was failed to engender.

3) Pressure. This tactic was used many times in this case. For example, George demanded Shelly to do two things on the release. George also said: “I count on you...
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