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Topics: Islamic banking, Risk management, Sharia Pages: 20 (3308 words) Published: February 21, 2013
important topic in structuring financial requirement

do we have q on pricing ?

SQ 8 all
LQ 3 out of 5

1. The important to observe shariah principls and legal framework in the IBF operations. Discus (SHORT QUESTION)

Why Shariah Principle?
• Islamic Banking and Finance operate under principles of Shariah Frame Work • What is the principle? Islam is a complete religion embracing all facets of his mundane activities in this world and his state of affairs in the world after. • Therefore the implementation of IB is necessary to all Muslims as part of their belief. • It is very important to really understand the philosophy and the knowledge on Shariah Principles, and requirement in order to transform its into financial products and the operations of banking business

Why legal framework?
• Islamic Banking also governed under the existing legal framework in order to protect stakeholders and to establish credibility and confident on the system especially among player, investors and all parties involved

• The above regulatory frame work has facilitate the business operations of Islamic Finance

• Therefore Islamic Banking must be able to address fulfill the customer’s requirement and their needs with efficiency, effective and competitive within the above framework without neglecting risk management aspect in achieving success.

Tips: No need to list down all the law, just mentioned one or two important

1. Companies Act 1965 – setting up and governing of companies including financial institutions 2. Bank and Financial Institutions Act 1989 (BAFIA) – governing conventional banking and financial institutions 3. Islamic Banking Act 1983(IBA) – setting up and governing of Islamic banking institutions and Islamic Banking subsidiaries.

Hire purchase act (HP) with AITAB

HP : 1)rules 78 (not contravene wt shariah) 2)repossesed of the car,2 payment default bank can re-possesed the car (contravene wt shariah rules that it s already transfer the ownership)

2. List down Shariah principles applicable in muamalat transactions - the concept and its applications in financial products. (Short Question)

need to remember at least 5 principle
Don’t: give basic shariah proof for the principle
Do: explain the concept + poduct
Attention : Focus on THE PRODUCT

|No |PRODUCTS |SHARIA’ PRINCIPLE |PRICING |FINANCING PERIOD | |1. |House Financing |Bai Bithaman Ajil/Deferred |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 35 years or up to the | | | |Payment Sales | |edge of 65 yrs | |2. |Car/Vehicle Financing |Al Ijara Thuma Al Bai’ |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 10 years | |3. |Education Financing |Bai Al Inah/BBA |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 15 years | |4. |Personal Financing (Purchase of share/ |Bai Al Inah/ Defer-red Payment |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 5 years | | |personal investment/consumption) |Sales | | | |5. |Personal Overdraft |Bai Al inah/ Defer-red Payment |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 5 years | | | |Sales | | | |6. |Credit Card |Bai Al inah/ Defer-red Payment |Fixed Profit Rate |Up to 5 years | | | |Sales | | | |7. |Pawn Shop |Ar Rahnu...
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