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My aim with this obseravtion is to find if (insert) has a Microclimate. Now what is a Micoroclimate. The answer is: a microclimate is a climate on a small scale for one area. This area can be in our garden, local park or one part of any city. In microclimate the weather is different for example a temperature, rainfall, wind direction/speed or humidity. ifferent climate is answered by so many other scientists. As with so many experiments, observations and recordings they all agreed that there is a distinctive microclimate for every type of environment on the Earth. METHOD:

We have done an observation of our own to find out if has a it's own Microclimate. With our teacher we went out side of our classroom. We located 4 sites. While we were there we used a set of instruments to measure; temperature,wind speed, precipitation (rain fall), cloud cover, humidity, wind direction, air pressure, ground conditions, visibility. Which we then put in a graph for later use. We did this because it told us whether .... has and or is a microclimate .

It is these subtle differences and exceptions to the rule that make microclimates so fascinating to study, and these notes help to identify and explain the key differences which can be noticed by ground-level observations.We were trying to find out whether has a micro climate. A microclimate is an area that has a different climate to everywhere else. We measured different elements in different sites. We did this because if it was different to other places at that time then it would show us that did have a micro climate. The results show does have a micro climate in fact it even has micro climates within . As a class our results may not be completely correct. Many people were measuring from different places at different times.
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