Micro / Macro Environment

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Micro Macro

A company's marketing environment is made up of the ACTORS AND FORCES outside marketing that affect marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful RELATIONSHIPS with target customers. The marketing environment is made up of the micro environment and the macro environment.

The micro environment consists of the ACTORS CLOSE to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers - the company, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, competitors and publics. The macro environment consists of BROADER FORCES that effect the actors in the microenvironment.

Micro environment

2.1 The Company

Top Management – sets Company’s mission, objectives, broad strategies and policies
Departments - finance, operations, marketing, human resources, purchasing, R&D etc. All must work together, in an integrated approach and think “consumer”

According to Oxford Dictionary, a customer is who buys goods or services from a shop or business. In other words, he or she someone who makes uses of or receives the products or services of an individual or organisation. Meeting Customers' demand or requirements is vital to an organisation's survival in competitive industry.

Suppliers may refer to manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, dealership and merchant in supplying products whether they are finished goods or work-in-progress to an organisation for further production or to be sold to its end-users.

TCCC provides guides to the suppliers known as Supplier Guiding Principles. Supplier Guiding Principles utilised to ensure the suppliers follow the rules and regulations set by TCCC. Rules and regulations are focusing on good corporate citizenship that TCCC's suppliers should apply. 2.4 Competitors

a competitor is an organisation engaged in commercial or economic competition with others. In other words, Competitors are organisations that sell homogenous products as the concerned...
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