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Michelle Jordan
Professor Cheryl Williams
English 202
April 6, 2013

“Immigrants” by Pat Mora

“Immigrants” by Pat Mora is a poem about immigrants of Spanish descent who migrated to America with their families and their greatest desire is for their children to live the American dream. The poem is located in America, it describes how mothers “wrap their children into American flags and feed them mashed hot dogs and apple pie”. These families want their children to be Americanize from birth. They want their children to look, walk and talk like Americans. They wanted them to learn the culture so they can fit in an adapt in society, this way would be more easier for the children than their parents. The children would not have to go through the prejudices that their parents encountered. The author is trying to show the sacrifices that immigrants will make for their children to have a better life in America. A lot of these sacrifices may change they way the look, speak, dress etc. The tone in the beginning of the poem is patriotic; in the first line “wrap their babies in American flag…feed them mashed hot dots and apple pie” this is to teach them how to be Americans in everyway shape or form. These children will learn to read, write and speak English. They will wear clothes that the other children are wearing and speak like the other children. It would be harder for people to recognize that their families are immigrants. The even give them American names in (line 3) “Bill and Daisy” again it would be harder for people to know their background. The parents did all of this so they can blend in with the Americans. The author say in (line 4) “buy them blonde dolls that blink blue eyes” it shows that the parents want them to pass for white and not Hispanic. This is typical today in the Hispanic community, they are raising their children to look, act and speak like a white person. In (line 5) “a football and tiny cleats” speaks of the greatest...
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