Michael Pintard

Topics: Sentence, Poetry, Expression Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Michael C. Pintard distinctively writes his poems in an interpretive style. His style affects his readers by allowing them to contemplate on the true reason and meaning of the words, phrases and or expressions used in his poems. An example of his interpretive style is seen in one of his poems titled ¨Steel Boot Action Whup¨! , where as he uses his poetry skills and diction to generate phrases and made up vocabulary to emphasize his point on the matter. The tone detected in the poem ¨Steel Boot Action Whup¨! is an irated tone because the overview of the poem is that Michael Pintard is in an unhappy mood and wants to take physical action against whomever he sees a problem with. For example in lines 6 through 10 it is determined that he want to seek revenge on rapists who caused harm to others by kicking them in both of their heads. The action of kicking someone is repeated throughout the poem also to emphasize the title of the poem that relates to a steel boot that is a type of footwear. The irated tone of the poem creates a tense mood for the readers because Michael Pintard bluntly expresses his idea of taking physical actions against people or type of people mentioned in the poem. The way the sentences are structured in the poem also gives us an idea that Michael Pintard likes to emphasize his trains of thought, that can be seen in lines 4,5,39 and 40 where he detaches words such as ¨senseless¨ and¨ into¨. Overall, the message of the poem, seeking revenge is well received because of the choice of style and tone Mr. Pintard wrote the poem in and expressed his ideas.
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