Michael Crichton

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The Price of Entertainment

Michael Crichton has written many bestsellers throughout his career. Many people like his books while at the same time there are many people out there who seem to find fault in everything he does. Crichton's novels are popular, but by no means perfect. Michael Crichton's novel, Jurassic Park, suffers from a lack of depth in its writing and creativeness due to Crichton's focus on keeping the reader entertained and providing an abundance of scientific information. Even though most people consider it a very good book, including me, if you stop and look you'll discover that just about all the book achieves, from a literary standpoint, is telling an interesting story (novelguide.com NA). Crichton was born in Chicago in 1942 and was raised in Long Island (Chapman 67). With a B.A. in anthropology, Crichton was pursuing a career in medicine, which may have influenced his chosen genre. To help pay for college, he wrote books under many aliases. After the success of his book, The Andromeda Strain, he decided to give up medicine and become a full time writer. Over the years his best works have been in the science fiction genre. In 1990, after many successful books, Crichton wrote Jurassic Park, probably his best-known work to date (Chapman 67). Published in 1990 and taking place in 1990, Jurassic Park is a story of "greed and technological experimentation gone awry" that mostly takes place on Isla Nublar off of Costa Rica where a genetics engineering company named InGen has found a way to recreate dinosaurs from DNA fragments found in prehistoric insects fossilized in amber (Chapman 68). The company created a few hundred dinosaurs and placed them on the island in hopes of creating a biological attraction that will make them millions. In an effort to increase their profits InGen decides to keep their staff to a minimum and rely mainly on computers and machines to do most of the work required to maintain the park, which eventually turns out to be a major factor in their undoing. InGen invites specialists from many different fields to come and evaluate the unfinished park after they realize that they are under surveillance by the EPA and their investors start to worry. The specialists include a mathematician, who is convinced that the park will inevitably fail, a botanist, the company's layer, and a paleontologist, who is the unofficial main character. At first the trip to the island goes as planned, except for Hammond, the owner, inviting his grandchildren, but then the company's computer maintenance man decides to shutdown the security systems while he steals from them, and when he doesn't return, due to a series of unfortunate events, things begin to get progressively worse. From this point the story turns into a predictable horror movie, inevitable t-rex attack, people get separated, the bad guys get picked off one by one, and even a good person dies just for an unexpected twist. Some people say that the book begins its predictable path at about page 80, where they arrive on the island and it is officially confirmed that InGen is growing dinosaurs (Chapman 68-71). The POV (point of view) of Jurassic Park is 3rd person omniscient (Uhl NA). The story is told very straightforward and clear through many episodes that switch between the characters in order to clearly connect the events, show cause and effect relationships, and to build suspense to keep the reader interested. There are two main conflicts in Jurassic Park. The first and more obvious conflict is human against nature. This is shown best through Jurassic Park itself, humans playing god and creating extinct animals then attempting to control them. Human against nature is also shown as the people try to fend off and escape the dinosaurs after they escape their designated areas. The other main conflict is the good of the individual against the good of society. This conflict is shown through the fact that every time someone chooses their own...
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