Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men
In Of Mice and Men Candy believes that jealousy and inadequacy is the reason behind Curley’s hot temper and anger issues towards George and Lennie. This is true as people have a natural tendency of wanting to be better than everyone else and sometimes results in anger if it doesn’t go their way.

In modern society people could see this statement true through fairy tales. Fairy tales always have some sort of antagonist that exerts aggression towards the protagonist. For example in The Little Mermaid, Ursula, the ugly octopus, thinks that she is inadequate and jealous of Ariel’s voice. So she makes a deal with Ariel into selling her voice so that Ariel could be with the prince she loves. This shows aggression as later on in the story Ursula tries to double cross Ariel and steal her voice. Another example is, in Snow White the queen is jealous of Snow White’s beauty therefore turns to a form of indirect aggression, the hunter, to kill Snow White. But after the hunter has failed to kill Snow White the queen even turns to a form of craziness as she turns into an old hag and poisons Snow White. Again this shows aggression both directly and indirectly as the queen uses different methods to get rid of Snow White to be the fairest of them all. Jealousy and inadequacy could not only lead to aggression but maybe even lead to some forms of craziness.

Many people could also tell personal stories of aggression shown towards them because of jealousy and inadequacy. Throughout history people have been known to be competitive and hated to be below someone. For example, kids that play sports at the high school level are very competitive or too competitive. During the football practice after school at Hebron High School I’ve witnessed aggression shown towards other kids to intentionally hurt them so that their starting position could be taken. This sort of sportsmanship not only happens in football or in the high school level but in all sports and all levels....
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