Mice and Men

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Of mice and men
Examine the relationship between Curley and his wife
All the female characters used by Steinbeck are either, prostitutes, a carer or a victim. Their marriage is bizarre because they have only been married for 2 weeks and they don’t like each other. We can tell this because they are never together in the book also she flirts with other men because she is lonely all of the time and Curley goes to the cat house. Curley wears gloves full of Vaseline on his right hand because he is keeping his hand soft for his wife. He is also showing off because only he has a wife and the rest of the workers in the ranch don’t, he is trying to make them jealous. A character called Candy said ‘Seems like Curley is Cockier’n ever since he got married’ this tells us that just because he has a wife he is starting to show off for his wife and trying to act all big. Curley’s wife represents such loneliness that she doesn’t get a name. The possessive apostrophe in Curley’s wife’s name suggests that she is a property of Curley. She is very flirtatious and she has the eye for the men, she spends much of her time looking for Curley although she is really looking for other Companionship. Curley’s wife is working class I can tell this because she says ‘Where the hell is that god damn nigger?’ This is telling us that she is trying to fit in with the men & also because she is low status in the ranch. When we first meet Curley’s wife she is wearing too much makeup and she looks like a “tart”. This tells us that she is trying to impress the men by getting over dressed. She put her hands behind her back and leaned forward so her body was thrown this tells us that she is sexually provocative. “Bye bye boys” she called out and hurried away this is telling us that she was apprehensive and intimidated that Curley would be indignant. Steinbeck’s letter to and actress playing the part of Curley’s wife tells us that she grew up in an atmosphere of fighting and suspicion. She learned...
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