Mgt 330 Management Planning Paper

Topics: Tyco International, Management, Dennis Kozlowski Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Management Planning Paper

Management Planning
In 1960 Arthur J. Rosenberg Ph.D., decided to open a research laboratory in which he would work for experimental projects for the government. He later in 1962 incorporated the business as Tyco Laboratories and decided to start manufacturing energy conservation materials and products that were very highly technological for the commercial and industrial sectors. In 1965 Tyco decided to broaden there marketplace and decided to acquire many small to medium sized manufacturing companies in order for them to meet there now huge industrial demands. Since then Tyco has remained as one of the top manufacturing companies of energy conservation materials in the world, employing over 250,000 persons all over the world. This paper will evaluate the management planning function of the Tyco Company and analyze the impact that legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibilities have on management planning. In the year 2000 Tyco was the headlines of all newspapers around the globe, with its top executives being charged and convicted of fraud from misuse of accounting practices, misuse of company funds and government mischief. The planning strategy for the executives of Tyco at that time was for their personal wealth and growth rather than the interests of their employees and shareholders. They disregarded their employees, investors and also participated in an unlawful corporate management. Tyco’s chief executive officer Dennis Kozlowski stole from the company well over 400 million dollars in which he used for his personal wealth. Some of the things he did using Tyco’s money were; a two million dollar toga party for his wife, millions of dollars in real estate properties in Manhattan, Connecticut and New Hampshire as well as millions of dollars in paintings and sculptures. The year 2000 was a year that corporate fraud was set to a standstill with investigations going all around the United States, most companies’ ceased...
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