Mgmt Info Sys, Chap 7 Case Study

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Management Information Systems
Chapter 7 HW: CASE STUDY - Google, Apple and Microsoft struggle for your internet experience

Google, Apple and Microsoft are three tech giants that are struggling to gain control of the market and our internet experience. With the ever-changing advancements of today’s technologies it is inevitable that there will be ups and downs for all three based on the changes and how people take to them. Each new advancement in technology that is unleashed to us has a broad spectrum of consumer groups and when one of the companies is able to latch onto one type of consumer group, many others follow. 1. Compare the business models and areas of strength of Apple, Google and Microsoft. Google has gone though some growing pains but it considers itself a mobile company now and its business model reflects that. (unknown, July 2012) they have changed with technology. They were basically advertising but since the move to mobile technology does not make as much as advertising on a PC did, they had to change gears. Google is now selling a few types of mobile devices that include android technology on gaming devices, phones and pads in order to compete in this new wave of technology. This allows Google to have people take Google wherever they are.

Apple’s business model (with Jobs) began as a quest to be the best. Steve Jobs started it; the company was sort of stagnant after his leaving and then upon his return has become one of the top contenders in technology. Apple began by making the PC “beautiful”. He designed computers to look like more than big grey boxes on desks, so that they seemed appealing. Then he made it better, easier to use and stronger than other PC’s. When the PC market plateaued, mp3 players, cell phones and then eventually tablets were the focus for consumers. (Muehlhausen, 2010) They make a PC, the IPhone and IPad. They continually improve each of them along with a steady stream of applications that can be used on them....
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