Metropolis and Modern Time : Modern Society, Urbanism and Industrialization

Topics: Charlie Chaplin, The Tramp, Sociology Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Metropolis and Modern time : Modern society, Urbanism and industrialization By Kanin Sunthornsuk (Buddy)

Metropolis is a German science-fiction about idea of future utopia urbanism society which more kind of horror or nightmare rather than utopia and Modern time is comedy with iconic character , portrait by Charlie Chaplin, the tramp about a story of modernism and industrialization. These two movies have lots in common about how they imagine or have the idea in modern society world would be.

At the beginning , In Metropolis begin with the montage of Shift change at 03:17 - 05:26 with group of workers walking with the same gesture like a penguin slowing pace and step all at the same time going to work and out from work which the first in film industry that showing people not identify individual but in mass and faceless. While 01:23 in Modern time begin with the montage of herd of sheep going the same direction then cut to the scene where group of people walking to go to work at industry which obviously imply that the workers like sheep going the same direction doing the same thing. I suppose the only black sheep in the sheep scene must represent the Charlie Chaplin character. In the modern time at 03:16 the working scene where the workers and Charlie himself working by winding the product over and over again .then industrial master order to faster it up causing Charlie physically damage creating a the same working gesture before winding it too much that it damage his mental and go crazy. The same in metropolis, Freder son of Joh Fredersen master

Metropolis going down to the underworld at 12:0013:46 and see where the workers working with the machine gesture doing the same thing over and over again and when they try faster it up it explode causing casualty given Freder illusion. At the Metropolis , The scene at 01:14:05 where the robot disguise to be Maria. And people cannot tell the different and at 01:21:30 the robot fake Maria encourage people to rebel...
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