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Geography Jobs: Meteorologist

Whether it is a family planning on a trip or a pilot of an airplane, both groups of people rely on accurate weather information for safe travel. The professionals we all rely on to predict what the weather will be like are meteorologist. Fields of Study:

- Physics: Study of energy and matter that is scientific in nature. - Geography: Study of Earth’s landscape, peoples, places and environments.

Meteorology is the science of the atmosphere. This job offers those who study it an opportunity to investigate the forces that shape both weather/climate and how human activities affect climate through the introduction of pollutants into the atmosphere.

Education Required:
To become a meteorologist, you must go to university. The minimum education required is a bachelor’s degree in atmospheric sciences or meteorology. A master’s degree greatly improves your chances of finding employment in this field. Students thinking of pursuing a career in this field should be comfortable with physics, mathematics and computers. Good communication skills are also necessary as meteorologists often meet up with representatives of the government, industry and the public. College/ University Programs (Canada):

- University of British Columbia, B.C.
- Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
- Mcgill University, Quebec
- York University, Ontario

What you would do as a Meteorologist?
- Analyze data from weather satellites and radar
- Launch weather balloons and collect readings
- Make weather forecasts based on findings
- Study the effects of pollution on climate

Different Kinds of Meteorologists:

- Broadcast Meteorologists: People who interpret and report the weather for television/radio. - Research Meteorologists: Many of these scientists work for the government agencies e.g. NASA. Most have a particular issue they are studying (e.g. precipitation)

- Climate Meteorologists: People in this field who look at long-term weather...
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