Meshes of the Afternoon Presentation

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Film Presentation – Meshes of the Afternoon

Summary of ExtractTitle: Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)Directors + Actors: Alexander Hammid & Maya Deren (husband and wife team)Time: 00:15-05:10Length: 4min55sec| Rationale * Psychologically thrilling * Astounding cinematography * Intriguing plot, symbolism, meaning * Attracted me to its short length, but ability to make the audience think so much| Genre: Expectations MetPsychological thriller – mystery, horror and thriller * Mental rather than physical in nature * Suspense; conflict with own mind * Occasional first person narrative * Stream of consciousnessSurreal * Draws the subconscious mind * Reality has no limits| Expectations SubvertedSurreal * It is a solid narrative despite ambiguity and repetitions * It is a magic world but portrayed realistically| Motifs 1. Dream is a reality 2. Symbolic imagery 3. Death| Meaning 1. Usually dream sequences are meek, creates dream’s unreality realistically; people can relate to it 2. Mirror + flower = feminity 3. The Grim-reaper figure foreshadows death, which occurs later in the film| Directorial IntentionTo create an avant-garde film that dealt with very dark psychological problems16mm film vs conventional 35mm filmStylized like a poem| MeaningAvant-garde (became Mother of Underground film)Human being experiences incidents, not incidents being accurately filmedAllowed audience to think and analyze the film itself like a poem; it suggest meaning but provide limitless of possible interpretation| Cinematography: Camera workThe camera is not an observant 1. We don’t see her full face in the beginning 2. When she drops her key 3. Second cycle is an outside perspective of herself| MeaningCreating metaphor for the meaning 1. Creates a mystery for the audience as they are eager to meet the protagonist 2. It is a PoV shot, but in slow-motion| Cinematography: Lighting 1. Each outdoor scene there is a clear...
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