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Company Profile
Taiba Engineering Consultants (TEC) is a MEP consulting engineering firm that specializes in proactive design of (HVAC) Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Fire Alarm, Power and Lighting systems for commercial, educational and residential structures. Our staff is comprised of IGBC-AP’s [‘Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professionals’], Engineers and designers that have over 12+ years of collective experience in the design and construction of projects ranging from small and large residential structures to a vast range of commercial building applications. We are also experienced in design of Hotels, Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings and Educational Buildings. TAIBA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS MEP Engineering and Design Services MEP Systems Engineering

Taiba Engineering Consultants provides HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning), Plumbing, Fire protection, Electrical and Fire alarm system designs in commercial and residential, new construction and renovation project applications. Our focus is on providing the most intelligent, cost effective and optimally performing design for each discipline on every project regardless of size and scope. MEP Consulting Services

In addition to our design services we offer our expertise in the form of surveys, studies, reviews and reports. These services often are instrumental in assisting our clients with crucial decisions regarding a project’s scope, timing, cost or necessity. Due Diligence Surveys

Feasibility Studies
Constructability Reviews
System Trouble Shooting
Third Party Document Review

Taiba Engineering Consultants is currently associated with:

ISHRAE [ Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers ] IPA [ Indian Plumbing Association ]
FSAI [ ‘Fire & security Association of India’ formerly known as ‘Fire & Safety Association of India’ ] IGBC-Indian Green Building Council
ETA (Altech Star)

MEP Designing
We have a well designed, effective and efficient workflow which ensures high quality, cost effectiveness and on time delivery. MEP Design process reflects our philosophy of creating mutually beneficial relationship with clients and ensures outsourcing success.

We receive your requirement along with cad files. You can send the cad files by courier, email or upload them on our secure ftp server. We review and evaluate the inputs received. In case of any clarification, we contact you so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework. We send you a time and cost work order (quote).

Once the quote is accepted, we start your project and finalize the delivery model. We allocate a project manager for each project who distributes the work to the concerned team and informs them about standards, specifications or your requirements. On completion of work, it is passed to Quality department which follows three tier checking system. We allocate a quality controller for each project who is aware about the client requirements and is the first tier of our quality checking system. The quality controller compares the original drawing with the completed drawing. Some of the checks as per type of service are mentioned below:

HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning) Drafting

Layers as per your standards
Dimensions with the respect to input
Scale as per your requirement
CADD standards like line type, line thickness, text height, arrow type, Nomenclature, general notes, dimension text & arrows etc. are verified according to the requirements Title Block in relevance to drawing

HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air conditioning) Design

Loadings & Load combinations as per relevant codes
Design calculations
Check elements for failure
Material Property
After quality check if there are any corrections then the drawings are: Allocated to another team member if corrections are more than 20% Returned...
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