Mental Health Assessment 1 Diploma of Nursing

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Mental Health
Assessment 1

What does the relevant act define as mental illness and mental disorder?
The Office of the Public Advocate, 2009 states that the relevant act defines a Mental illness as "being a medical condition that is characterised by a significant disturbance of thought, mood, perception or memory". The Mental Health Act does not refer to any clinical diagnosis of mental illnesses in particular. People with a range of cognitive disabilities may possibly meet the criteria; some examples of this would be people with neurological disorders such as Huntington's Disease and autism spectrum disorders or people that may be affected by chronic alcohol and substance abuse or people with dementia. In what ways may a person be made an involuntary patient?

A person can be made an involuntary patient if
* A doctor examines you and believes you fit into the criteria of an involuntary patient * The mental Health Review Board decides you meet the requirements; the board is made up of psychiatrists, lawyers and community members. They will look at your mental health reports, information about your whole life situation and also your treatments (Victorian Legal Aid, 2012)

What persons are authorised to complete the documentation to make someone an involuntary patient?

Personal that are authorised to complete the documentation need to make someone an in voluntary patient are, a registered medical practitioner employed by an approved health service or a mental health practitioner (State Government of Victoria, 2009) Mental Health Act, 1986) A person may be mad an involuntary by there

What is the definition of an involuntary patient?

The definition of an involuntary patient is a patient admitted to a mental hospital on a doctor’s recommendation and without the patients consent (Fitzroy Legal Service, 2013) A involuntary patient will be admitted to a mental hospital if a doctor believes that

* The patient...
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