Mental Abuse and Child Development

Topics: Medicine, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: October 26, 2010
One's mental health is dependent on a lot of variables. The main variable that a child's mental health is dependent on is the way that the child is raised, and how their parents treat him or her. If the parents treat the child with love and respect, then the child is more likely to grow up to be a mentally healthy, well-rounded individual. If a child is abused either physically or verbally, then the child is more likely to grow up with mental issues that will make it harder to survive in this world.

A person develops mental health when he or she can recognize, adapt, and modify normal human emotions during stressful situations. The person has no problem being a productive member of society and the environment. The person can build successful relationships with others. The person can cope with change and adversity on a daily basis. Also, the person can develop an appropriate perception of reality.

Pediatricians are very responsible for being on top of a child's well being. It is their duty to report to proper authorities when a child is being mistreated. It is the duty of the pediatrician to note the parents' mental health, and to keep an eye on how it affects the child's behavior and development. These clues are very important in telling how a child's mental development is coming along, and if they need further attention. Even though pediatricians do agree that it is their responsibility to keep an eye on their patients' mental health, a lot of them do not agree that it should be a part of their responsibility to monitor the mental health of the parents.

More Hispanic children and Black children are being treated for a mental illness than their White counterparts. There is a huge disparity. Hispanic children are more likely to be developmentally delayed than any of their counterparts. I wonder how much of this is due to the fact that Hispanic children are more likely to speak another language. Children who speak another language and who are not fluent in...
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