Mendel's Rule's

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Gregor Mendel
Considered to be the father of modern

Studied patterns of inheritance in _____
His results allowed him to create 3 laws
of inheritance.
1. The law of dominance
2. The law of segregation
3. The law of independent assortment

Genetics Key Terms
Genotype: a set of alleles (RR or rr)
Phenotype: physical trait (round or wrinkled)
Punnett Square: A grid system for predicting all
possible genotypes
Monohybrid: a cross that examines the
inheritance of one trait
Dihybrid: a cross that examines the inheritance
of two traits

Genetics Key Terms Continued
Independent assortment: alleles of different genes
separate independently of one another
Incomplete dominance: A heterozygous phenotype
that is a blend of the two homozygous phenotypes
Codominance: A heterozygous phenotype that
equally expresses the traits from both phenotypes
Polygenic traits: A trait that is produced by two or
more genes
Sex-linked traits: A trait that is located on a sex

Exceptions to Mendel’s Rules
“Biology is the science where there is
an exception to every rule.”

Incomplete Dominance: Shorthorn Cattle

RR = Red

Rr = Roan rr = white


How could you prove that this is NOT “blending inheritance?”

Codominance: Human Blood Types

Multiple Alleles: Rabbits

wild type (c+)

himalayan (ch)
c+ > cch

chinchilla (cch)

albino (c)

> ch > c

Lethal Alleles: Mouse Coat Color

Sex-Linked Traits: R/G Colorblindness

Click the image above to see as a person with colorblindness

The likelihood or chance that a particular event
will happen. It predicts the average number, not
the exact number.
Probability= number of ways a specific event can occur
number of total possible outcomes

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