Men in Black Research Paper

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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Men In Black II by Robert Gordon explores the idea that the government is a shady and dim group. In Gordon’s story, aliens are brought into Earth from a spacecraft, and soon face the challenges of adapting to society. Serleena, a Kylothian queen discovers an occupation to take advantage of her abilities. Her shape shifting power gives her the ability to improve and transform herself to the highest possible degree of beauty to become a supermodel and seduce men. Other aliens find different occupations and lifestyles such as Scrad & Charlie, who becomes a villain, and an alien name Jack Jeebs who becomes a pawn shop owner. Humans throughout the novel fail to acknowledge their existence, and for the ones who witnessed and believe they exist are brought to an interview with the Men In Black and are soon given a flash by a neuralyzer. The Men in Black commonly use it to erase any traces of memory from the encounter with the alien. Any human that could benefit the Men In Black however, don’t face subject to become neuralyzed and are brought into the Men In Black facility. In the final chapters of the story the Men in Black push to great lengths to erase the memory of the people of New York City who have faced the catastrophic events with the aliens, they build a giant neutralizer into the Statue of Liberty and set it off. The lives that the aliens possess and the actions Men in Black take expresses postmodernism. The idea that the world we live in now is corrupt and any knowledge of the unknown is to be quarantined or terminated.
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