Men Are More Likely to Commit Crime Than Women.

Topics: Crime, Crimes, Want Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Criminal commitment is one of serious problem in society. There is a question that crime is committed by more men or women. Some people think that women are considered as higher rate in criminals than men. In contrast, others, including me, are in favor of contrary opinion. The first reason is that men are usually quick-tempered. When, problems happen, instead of discuss gently to find out measures, men frequently talk loudly and beat others. For example, if an accident occurs, men are often furious. They also use rough word to talk. Thus, they possibly hit each other easily. Male self-esteem is quite high, too. Men, due to a little lack of respect from other people, will be angry easily. Additionally, men always want to be respected and admired by other people. They are proud of themselves and want that others also appreciate them. They find many ways to prove themselves. They do special or strange things to attract attention. They let others know that they have ability, power and strength. Many hackers just hack website because of simple reasons, such as demand in showing competence Finally, men are the backbones of families. They have to shoulder great responsibility. One of them is finance. Men are more likely need to find jobs which can help their families pay living expenses. However it is not easy. Consequently, they may earn money by illegal ways, such as: fraud, robbery, smuggling... In some case, men commit crimes accidently. When their family is damaged by others, they are forced to fight in order to protect their family. There are quitter a lot of case that as a consequence of self-defense, men commit manslaughter. Concluded, men are easier becomes criminals than women because of their personality and responsibility.
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