Memories from the Cabana (Descriptive Essay)

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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I was born and raised in South America, a continent with a lot of mountain ranges–ideal for mountain climbing and hiking-long winding rivers, lush forests, wonderful beaches, as well as valleys with breathtaking views. Based on experience, I can say that it is a tropical country; which was confirmed during my history class in sixth grade. In a country where it’s hot and humid, my fashion statement is sporting a large white (sometimes blue) t-shirt and a Hawaiian type shorts. A dark pair of shades is also an important part of my get-up as it protects my eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Being born in South America you might think that I have dark hair with brown eyes and a charming smile; a typical Cabana boy. Well, I am charming yes, but my hair is blonde and the color of my eyes are green; and this is because South America is a melting pot of cultures from Africans to Germans to Japanese, Koreans and many others. Music in South America is intense and up-beat. It makes you want to dance. Having been born in a family where every member enjoys music, I too share the same interest. My favorite music is the music of the ‘80s because it is a classic – never goes out of style. It’s rhythm and lyrics make you feel and experience music itself through your senses. Even at 30, when I hear the ‘80s music, it brings back memories from my childhood. I can still remember, fifteen years ago, when my family and I lived in a backward peaceful town filled with palm and coconut trees, our house was built on wood similar to that of the huts and cottages you see at the beach resorts today. One afternoon, my friends and I, along with my two younger brothers, sat at the yard to listen to Caribbean music. The music traveled throughout the neighborhood on one cool afternoon. When the sun finally went down upon the fiery sky, the natives joined us. We were all out in the yard, dancing and singing while some played the Tambores, a percussion instrument similar to that of a...
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