Memorandum of the Case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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It is so difficult for nonprofit organizations to deal with the withdrawal of a major gift. In order to illustrate what ABC Nonprofit should be aware of and how to successfully navigate the complexities that it is facing, I selected the case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo as an example. I suggest that ABC Nonprofit should get to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements, handle the major gift wisely, and have good relationships with both major donors and individuals or communities that have involved in.

First of all, getting to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements is important. Basically, some major donors donate a gift to a nonprofit because they want the nonprofit to use the money to what and how they promise and probably may not get involved in making plans. However, some donors are hands-on donors. If a nonprofit comes into contact with hands-on donors, they may want more from the nonprofits. They will try to make a plan which they think is good for the nonprofit or partially good for them, and get involved more than they should. Take Henry and Edith Everett, who were potential major donors of Central Park Children’s Zoo, as an example. Henry Everett visited other children’s zoos and gave suggestions on the zoo’s design and operating, and the Everetts cared so much about the design of the entry gate and their naming on it. It may be good to have a hands-on donor because he or she may have some new ideas to bring in and help the nonprofit as a volunteer. However, those donors may also have more say or controls in the nonprofit, which may impact the regular operation or decision making of the nonprofit. As a result, it is important to know more about the major donors’ philanthropic history, especially when the donors are new for the nonprofit. If the nonprofit thinks that they can not have a good relationship with the donors, they should not make an agreement to receive the gift. For...
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