Memoir of Mom

Topics: Thought, Friendship, Love Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: October 21, 2012
A mother can be both a mentor and a best friend to her little girl. A mom is a person who her daughter can have trust and faith in, someone who one can create a deep mutual bond with. I see my mother as role model. She is inspirational to me because she is an outgoing, funny and enthusiastic person. My Mother is the person who I go to for advice, she is the right person and I know to go to her right away.

I’m the only girl in my family and having three brothers can at times be very difficult. Thinking back through all the struggles and obstacles that have temporarily stood in the way of my happiness, there was always one person who helped me get through whatever hardship I may have been going through at the time; that person was my Mother. My mom always told me “Don’t let others affect you deeply, because if they do, you’re the one who is going to lose”. What she was trying to let me know there was that I should not let gossip hurt me, because if I, or anyone else, pay attention to others then trouble will be knocking at your front door. I specifically remember one time, when I was in high school as a sophomore and I had a group of friends who just loved talking nonsense about others. If my group of friends saw a girl “not matching” and wearing a foolish outfit, they would criticize that poor student and laugh at them when they’d pass by. I would be embarrassed of their absurdity, so I would just tell them I had to go to my next class. I’ll admit it I would also laugh at other people but the only reason I did such a thing was because I wanted to be cool and be part of a group in high school. My mother always gave me this advice, don’t make fun of any other person that crosses your way because if you do then you’re not showing respect and respect is what you want in return. I was that type of student who didn’t really have true friends, only fake ignorant drama queens that I had made a space for in my life. Until I decided one day that enough was enough, after...
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