Topics: Sound, Ear, Love Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 6, 2012
see. i'm from trinidad and i fell in love with a a girl from new-york-city.. the- 1st time this little island boi went to the big apple and bit into her skin no sin just pure unrequited love at the time. she was intrinsic to my company Its Kinda Stupid…. but ummmmm her name reminds me of good music

ask me why and i'd tell you it had a certain ring to it that melody was like none i've ever felt only cuz i've never felt one b4 A succession of musical tones which is perceived as a single entity, 1 kiss. boom. 1.hand in hand and we dance. like flamingoes it doesn't make sense that last part but neither did this story, but we;ll get to that... In a more literal sense, this melody was a combination of a pitch[->0] & rythym but thing about being literal is that it doesnt apply to love. and i would get this auditory sensation when she spoke i was a listener tuning in to her frequency late nights till in the am the sound of her body stretching was my alarm clock that i looked forward to hearing and it gave me a rhythm that defined my movements but what i feel for her is infinite in a shell that define by age and distance and time my love for this sound was beyond definition, if anything … not to be blasphemous you can close your eyes

and imagine the sound of her voice could be compared to the music the angels play every time the sun rises in heaven. at least to me thats what its sounded like… it also sounded like (whatsapp sound) the sound of whatsapp that i heard everyday for 3months and - (make Skype sound) but i've been told i'm tone deaf so its hard to hear right when your listening is left up to interpretation, blinded by the artificial stars in manhattan when she was in my ear walk to time square …The devil before he fell struck a chord that resonated throughout time that brought me to this moment tryna synchronize the beats of my heart while hanging onto her cliff every time i held her i trebled and think of it as a note. and i can't write any but...
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