Medical System Research

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Running head: Medical Systems Research

Medical Systems Research
Jessica Sooter
Westwood College Online

Complete an academic research project comparing the history of computers in healthcare to current Medical Record Systems. Submit a minimum four page research project that includes: A description of the history and influence of computers in healthcare. A summary of the software tools commonly used in healthcare today. An explanation of current privacy and security measures that are used to protect electronic health records. An explanation of why you feel data quality, entry, integrity, privacy security and reliability are important. A conclusion stating your thoughts regarding the impact of information technology on the field of coding and billing throughout history. A minimum of 3 external references cited correctly using APA format. Medical Systems Research

The use of computerized systems in the health care profession evolved through a process which was driven by the need of the systems. Within the last 30 years, health care professions have seen few real visions which developed systems to aid their needs throughout the clinical setting. It was in the last five years that the computer technology was applied to hospital administration and also the technology was applied to the clinical areas as well. The health care environment included the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid, cost based reimbursement, building mode, and the need to focus on financial needs and capturing revenues. The state of information technology included the mainframe of computers, centralized processing, and few vendor developed product. High speed communication becomes of major importance when sending large amounts of data and images. A major internet problem nationwide is speed of communication; however this limitation was overcome with broadband communication. There are still problems with data security. While hospitals do have HIPAA to provide security guidelines...
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