Medical Negligence in Bangladesh

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Medical Negligence, Malpractices, Law and Bangladesh Perspective

Back in 1992 there were hardly any private medical hospitals in Bangladesh. Standard of medical treatments were comparatively lower than now it is but it was at least at the standard as expected from the available expertise and technologies. This is 2012, and it is expected that the standard of medical treatment would grow up significantly.

During 80’s- 90’s we used to see news of malpractices of so called ‘doctor’ only in villages who were famous to city people as ‘haturi doctors’. They used to leave medical gauges, scissors, wrist watches and what not. However, such instances were limited in villages only. Let us remind ourselves once again, this is 2012 and the medical science advanced to that extent where cancers can be cured, leaver can be transplanted, various laser treatments are in practice.

Let us not look back too far. Mrs. Salina (a fictitious name) had an operation in 1993 in one of the biggest name in Bangladesh medical arena situated at the heart of Dhaka city Shahbag. She had her kidney stone operated by the one of the ‘best doctor’ of the Hospital of that time. After few days of the operation took place she started feeling sever pain in her stomach and managed to see the doctor after several attempt and the doctor said ‘this is nothing but a post-operative pain which will be healed in few days. After ‘few days’ the patient saw the doctor again and the doctor said “this kind of pain will never dissolve permanently, but will get reduced to ‘almost zero!’”. After couple of month when the patient could not bear the pain went to one of the adjacent countries, had her operation in the same place and found a cotton ball inside her stomach which was left the by the previous doctor at the time of operation. The first doctor is now one of the ‘best surgeons’ in Bangladesh and you have wait at least for couple of months to manage to get an appointment of him.

Mr. Anis (a fictitious name) visited head of the ENT department of the same Hospital with blocked nose problem who without delay advised him a sinusitis surgery. Within a week the operation took place but the discomfort was still there even after couple of months and the condition was getting worse and with that discomfort Mr. Anis visited him 5 times in 1 year. The doctor prescribed him several anti-biotic, anti-allergic, nasal sprays, advised him to stay away from his job, remove carpet and curtains and many more. The problem still persisted and later on Mr. Anis had to go through another painful nasal surgery and a 12” medical gauge was discover in his nasal cavities which was left inside by the ‘Head of the Department of that Hospital’.

Forget the above hospital, forget these doctors. Since this is considered to be one of the medical institutions for middle class and poor people now we cannot expect a good service or treatment from them since we pay less to them.

Nowadays Apollo Hospital, United Hospital, Labaid are prevalent names for the well offs in Bangladesh. These hospitals claim that they maintain an international standard. You pay a healthy amount for treatment; you get a 5 star room service, expert doctors, and latest technologies. But in the reality, what you are getting is nothing but greater threat to your life with greater expenses.

Actor Manna died in 2008 and his family claimed it was due to medical negligence of one of the ‘best medical hospitals’. The hospital authority claimed that there were two types of medicine and they sought permission from Manna’s family to confirm which one to use and that injection cause his death. Now the question is why the hospital authority sought permission from the family. They were not doctors!

Recently, with the courtesy of Apollo Hospital a pregnant woman not only lost her child but also lost her chances to become a mother forever. Now she is struggling to survive. This is not the only case in Apollo. A piece of...
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