Medical Coding

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Medical Coding

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on the process of medical coding.

Central Idea: Coding is the conversion of descriptions of diseases, injuries and procedures into numeric or alphanumeric codes.

A.There are three basic steps for locating codes to be assigned. 1.Locate the term in the Alphabetic Index.
2.Verify the code number in the Tabular List.
3.Assign the code once it has been verified.

(Transition: First, we will learn how to locate a term in the Alphabetic Index.)

I. The first step in coding is to locate the main term in the Alphabetic Index. A.The condition is listed as the main term.
1.If a main term cannot be located, consider a synonym, eponym, or alternative term.

B. Once you have located the main term, search for any subterms, notes, or cross-references.

1. If a subterm cannot be located, look for any non-essential modifiers.

C. Refer to any notes in the Alphabetic Index.

(Transition: Now that we have a code, let see how to verify it in the Tabular List.)

II. Once a code has been located, the code must be verified in the Tabular List. A.Review the title of the chapter, section, and category to make sure that the correct code has been identified. B. Read and follow any instructional notes and refer to any other codes as instructed.

C. Follow any conventions as indicated.

(Transition: After all the steps have been followed, the code(s) can now be assigned.)

III. Once you have located the main term and verified the code, you may now assign the code or codes to be used for several different reasons.

A.Reporting medical necessity for services performed for reimbursement.

B.Identifying conditions to alert healthcare providers to ensure proper care.

C.Supplies data for clinical care, research, and education purposes.


I. It is very important that all the steps be followed when assigning codes for...
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