Medicaid-Not Medicare

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Barack Obama Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Obama Care “Medicaid-not Medicare
Charlotte Schroeder
POL: 201American National Government
Instructor: Roger Pao

During the 2008 federal campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama placed a comprehensive health care reform at the center of his platform. Since there was growing problems facing the U.S. health care system, there was another attempt to control health costs while expanding insurance coverage. “This legislation should bring about crucial changes to the U.S. health care system.” (B`eland & Wadden, 2012, 319) Obamacare is a term used by critics of President Obama’s effort to reform health care. This reform act was started in March of 2012 to extend healthcare coverage for majority of Americans to have access to healthcare. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages for this act for the American people and raises issues for federalism. The way Obamacare provides for lower-income individuals and families to obtain that required coverage is by forcing the states to offer expanded coverage under Medicaid as a condition of continuing to participate in the rest of the program. Prior to its passing there was a debate against the liberal and conservative opponents. However, the purpose of this act was, by the year 2014 all Americans regardless of poverty levels, all would be insured in some way. The federal government now imposes Medicaid on the states as a federal mandate to meet federal requirements of the individual mandate for the entire below 65 and incomes under 138 percent of poverty levels. (Brinkes & Wing, 2010) Therefore, it includes mandatory coverage for the first time for all non-elderly, childless adults that are within the income limits. Prior to this you have to meet an income requirement of 29,000 for a family of four. If the income requirement was not met, then you would get a tax credit of 80,000 for a family of four. The states, consequently no longer retain...
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