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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Halili 1
Meer Halili
Mrs. Grant
February 11, 2013
We are free to be you, me, stupid and dead
The Free-speech Follies
For my english class, we are discussing, how far does the First Amendment let us go and how do people use it to get out of theMrs. Grantir situations? Based on my reading of two different essays issued with The First Amendment rights, i read: an essay tittled, "We Are Free to Be You, Me, Stupid, and Dead", that comes from Roger Rosenblatt's essay collection called where we stand :30 reasons why we love our country, and an essay from Stanley Fish, tittled "The free speech, Pollies", where he argues that the first Amendment rights is offen used on college campuses to speeches that are not enforced.

In his essay, Journalist and author from New York city, Roger Rosenblatt, explains the situation of many people whom the First Amendment Rights were "taken away" and discusses how far can we go with the freedom of speech? but on the other essay, Stanley Fish, an author of literature and law, arguess the issue of how offen people use the First Amendment Rights to get out of their situations, knowing that their situation is not connected to the First Amendment Rights.

Halili 2
However, Rosenblatt and Fish notice the issues that connect people with the First Amendment Rights and how far people sometimes can go with it.
They both see the First Amendment Rights not being used when needed to be used, and taken place when not suppossed to. For example, Rosenblatts talks about the issues that some celebrities have had to face because of the First Amendment Rights have not taken place and caused them loss of jobs. He claims that a basketball player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was suspended from the Basketball league for not willing to stand up for the national anthem because of his religious convictions. The same issue was reported for the baseball pitcher, John Rocker refused to ride New York's number seven subway with a certain people. In both...
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