Media Reaction Current Political Issue

Topics: Police, Law, Immigration Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Media Reaction Current Political Issue
Patrick Abbey

The border between the United States and Mexico is about 2,000-miles and has existed since the Guadalupe Treaty in 1848. This border which follows the Rio Grande river and consists of many roads and towns that join the two countries, some of which have families living on each side. For many years people were free to cross back and forth between the two countries, though there were some that were considered as high traffic and had gates that would get closed and locked between certain hours. These gate closures were initially meant to be a means to monitor goods between the countries, not allowing certain items in based on governmental controls : example the Food and Drug Administration, drugs are approved based on clinical research and a prescription is necessary that same drug elsewhere not need a prescription.

With the ability to move between the countries so lax an individual could come and go between then a their will, and was not supposed to stay for a specific time without getting a Visa. The Visa was a way for people traveling in either country to show they intended to remain for a specific length of time, and could be for work, education, vacation and even to become a citizen. As people came even those who documented their intent, and their time or Visa expired or they remained and became what we call and have categorized as illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants also consist of those who are undocumented and are just not of Mexican descent.

This issue is a political time bomb and focuses solely one group of people trying to provide for a give better life to their families. The political message is that these individuals are taking jobs from the American people instead of them saying they are taking and doing the jobs we are too lazy to do. We elect our congress based on what they say they can do for us to make our life easier like create jobs.

The federal government has...
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