Media Impact on Student Life

Topics: Tendency, Horror film, Tend Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: October 28, 2010
I would like to draw your attention to a news item published in The Hindu on June 26, 1966, about a youth. A 14-year-old boy named Charles, influenced by a Horror film "Warlock", viewed on television, killed and skinned a 7-year-old playmate Jonathan Thimpson and then cooked the victim's flesh on a stove. Normally in Canada, children under 18 are tried in youth courts and their names cannot be made public. But Charles, due to the nature of the case, was tried in adult court. From the above example we can understand and estimate how much television influences children. Children are exposed to violent acts in the films and this tends to increase their aggressive nature. They begin to fight fiercely among themselves. A six-year investigation of 1,565 boys in London revealed that boys who were habitual viewers of violent programmes on television tend to commit significantly violent acts. Quite a few adolescents also indulge in eve teasing while imitating their favourite villains in the films. Bad films and television thus damage the present generation and would prove as a disaster for the future generation, undermining the moral fabric of society. Children also have an unconscious tendency to identify themselves with the models in their view. The artistes of television are also imitated. The imitation of good may be more but one per cent of bad creates nuisance in society, apart from causing psychological disturbances. Advertisements, mainly on television, also influence the children in many ways since the majority of them are fantasising and exploit psychological emotions. In the present era of competitive business, advertisements are almost inevitable to the companies to promote their products but some companies invest a huge amount on publicity. I do not mean that television should not be watched, but the viewing of such channels should be strictly restricted viewers over 18 years of age by implementation of suitable laws. We should also have self-imposed...
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