Media, Culture and Society

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Media, culture and society

3 kinds of business
1- Sole proprietorship: responsible for money making and losses 2- Partnership: responsible for money making and losses
3- Corporation: “limited liability” (16th century), it is an artificial legal structure, a legal person. This is no longer a group of people; it is a new person. Positive it to getting people to invest but also no longer responsible for want is doing the corporation.

Freedom of expression

Robert Faurisson was a professor in Lyon, and he was writing for Le Monde. He was saying that: les chambres à gaz never existed. La loi Gayssot make it a crime to say this idea in France. Noam Chamsky fights for Gayssot and make him popular around the world.

Freedom of expression:
* Can we say everything?

Types of news media organizations in democratic society

Mainstream/Dominant| Independent/Alternative|
Corporate| Public| |
* Motivated by profit maximization * Dependent on advertizing for survival * Ownership | * Financed by taxpayers Every country chose how he wants to spend in. * .| * No government financing * No advertising/ corporate underwriting * Tend to focus on investigative journalism and abuses of power| PB: that it expensive so some newspaper can cut the investigation department that is the more expensive one | | | Global media giants: * Disney Corp * Time Warner * Viacom * News Corp (Rupert Murdoch * Bertelsmann (RTL, M6) * CBS * Comcast * Vivendi * Sony | France Television in France | * Mediapart * Le canard enchainé * Charlie Hebdo * * Wikileaks * Openleaks |

Things to do when you own a newspaper:
* Select topic
* Emphasize facts
* Ignore other facts
* Chose a frame (framing)

* Sourcing (where does the info come from?)
* Dependence on elite groups
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