Media Control: the Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

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  • Published : May 18, 2005
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Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda. By Noam Chomsky Seven Stories Press. 2002

Synopsis of the book.
Chomsky examines and explores the use of propaganda in the mass media. His focus remains on the "elite" as he would call them, or the corporations and politicians that control the mass media in our country. He speaks of how the U.S. government used propaganda in order to gain support for our country's involvement in wars from Wilson's presidency to Bush Sr., and now in our so-called "War on Terror" brought upon by George W. Bush. He explains how he believes this elite group of people control the minds of those that are less educated, and without an open minds. He believes that propaganda has been used through the mass media to guide this population towards supporting political interests.

Why I chose this book.
I had heard from many of my friends about Noam Chomsky and how he may just be the most important intellectual alive today. So while I was helping my friend with an assignment of hers I came across this book at her house. I flipped through a couple of pages and decided to use this book for this project. I thought it would provide a new insight into the role of our government in the media.

How this book relates to this class.
This book discusses the governments role in the media. Although Chomsky's views might be considered somewhat extreme by some standards, his message s important. We have discussed the government manipulation of the media. For example, President Roosevelt created his Sunday announcements in hopes to create the most important story in the newspapers the next day which would be lacking big headlines due to the weekend. This is an shows how the government has used propaganda to push an agenda, the main focus of Chomsky's book.

There is also the issue of priming in the media. During the Gulf War, president Bush's ratings were a record high. During the war very few other issues were covered...
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