Media Censorship

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Media Censorship

In this assignment I will be looking over whether or not the state and/or federal government have the right to censor what we watch, listen to or come in contact with looking more closely at video games and if they have the right to control censoring them according to the articles of confederation.

The rights of the federal government and state governments have really nothing to do with them… or should have nothing to do with them. I believe it should go back to what is the constitutional right of the people and what is the right of any government agency according to the constitution. Lets break down the constitution to its bare bones and there we will find the purpose of the government and their responsibilities. There are a lot of things in the constitution but you can break it down into just 6 parts.

Form a more perfect union: the first colonies weren’t united when first arriving but soon found that there is strength in unity or being bound together to help each other like an alliance if you will, hence the constitution

Establish justice: For a democratic union or government to work and thrive in must have justice within it.
Provide for the common defense: A basic system of defense had to be established for defending ourselves against our enemies and foreign threats
Secure blessings of liberty: We were built on the idea and principle of individual freedoms and liberty, but boundaries needed too be made to ensure that nobody would infringe on those rights, liberties or freedoms.

Promote general welfare: This made the government provide systems and services that were for the public good or wellbeing. Insure domestic tranquility: Government must provide order within the people so there will and can be domestic peace. It also has to keep these people, who know nothing about living or being democratic, from going into anarchy. This says it all and I think can play a large role in our issues with censorship. In June...
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