Medevil Peasent's Life Wasn't All Hardship and Misery

Topics: Peasant, Teeth, Serfdom Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: March 4, 2013
“The life of a medieval peasant was just hardship and misery” Does the evidence show this is true? Is a Medieval Peasants life really all bad, or were there good times to? Their skeletons show that they did back breaking work, because their bones and joints were worn or deformed. The skeletons had arrested growth, because of famine or crop failure so they went hungry and only half of the babies born would live to see their 18th birthday! This means they had unsafe births, a bad thing for both mother and child. Medieval houses show that life was hardship and misery because they had to live with their animals, which could have been cattle or sheep. The animals must’ve brought in flies, and smelt horrible. Their houses were made with a thatch roof, so they could’ve easily burned if they didn’t tend to the fire properly, and there was poor ventilation. The houses only had a small living space, which means it could have been really crowded. There is not many negative facts related to the artefacts found, other than that people stole, and there must have been crime because there were locks and bolts why did they need locks if no-one was going to take anything that belonged to you? Some peasants had keys, because they had something worthwhile to lock up, even if it was for just sentimental value or maybe not. Life couldn’t have been all hardship and misery when they had games, an example of one is ‘nine-men’s Morris’ and there was music to enjoy, and entertainment. The good thing about medieval houses is that they had strong foundations and were built to last, what would be hardship and misery, is that if they didn’t have a roof over their head at all. Even though the animals may have been smelly, they did have a drainage system. Smoke could escape through a strategically placed hole in the roof directly above the fire pit. Today many people have tooth decay, which accurse if you have eaten to much sugary things, the skeletons found didn’t have tooth decay, but...
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