Measuring Performance Standards

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Quality Improvement Plan for Saint Agnes Hospital
Teresa A. Stangl-Sweet
Measuring Performance Standards HCS588
March 8, 2013
Debbie L. Simmons, DNP, ANP-BC, COHN-S

Quality Improvement Plan for Saint Agnes Hospital
Health care is an essential element in millions of people’s lives; it affects them from the time he or she is born to his or her death. The understanding, expertise, pharmaceuticals, and ability notably have improved the provision of health care is and the predicted rate of recovery. The United States possess much technological advancements and ground-breaking durable medical equipment, devices, pharmaceuticals, and services in the world. Innovation in health care has become standard. Health care in America is some of the finest found in the world.

Although America’s health care holds much remarkable advancement, such factors as ease of access, quality of care, and costs are part of a larger procedural and governmental problem. Accounting for cost, payment source, and patient preference quality in today’s health care fluctuates significantly. America’s economy has left many with either no health insurance or inadequate coverage of care. The cost of supplying unpaid care places a considerable strain for many health care facilities, patients, and consumers.

The health care industry is constantly looking for ways to enhance the health care system and encourage efficient (QI) plans. The results of Saint Agnes’ QI plan suggest a specific set of steps to work toward a better facility. Endorsing a better use of policies, practices, and improving quality within the facility; this plan recognizes and defines the crucial elements necessary for success. The plan illustrates problems with distributing patient medication. The deficiencies in the delivery system hinder the industry from achieving its best. Demonstrating a variety of methods, improvements, and ways to increase satisfaction and patient care within Saint Agnes. Purpose:

Saint Agnes Hospitals health care system services Fond du Lac and much of the surrounding areas around the mid-1800s. It is the only full-service health care facility within a 25-mile radius. Saint Agnes Hospital is known by the Joint Commission as leaders offering quality health care; with multiple offices in rural communities offering extensive care and various services. The hospital offers, cardiac care, cancer research, blood, and neurosciences. The facility offers a complete range in pediatric care (The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, 2011). Mission:

“Agnesian Health Care’s Mission is to provide compassionate care that brings Hope, Health, & Wholeness to those we serve by honoring the sacredness and dignity of all persons at every stage of life” (The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, 2011, para. 1). Values:

“Agnesian Health emphasizes the values exemplified by the sisters, Honesty, Excellence, Compassion, Respect, and Stewardship” (Mission & Values, 2011, para. 2) The facility looks to enhance the community through healthy lifestyle initiatives through demonstrating patient safety, quality care, to service with efficiency (The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, 2011). Goals and Objectives:

In keeping with the QI’s mission, the goal of the Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is to create a structure and methods to aid the constant improvements in the medical and behavioral health care and services members receive. The basis for the amount of action is in product need and necessary regulation. The outcome is an ongoing enhancement and observation process, the QI plan services the needs of the stakeholders (Ransom, 2008). Saint Agnes Hospital has a commitment to exceed its patient expectation. The Hospital implanted a patient-centered health care system; with a basis its decision-making on the “best interest” of the patient and his or her family. Through distinction in patient safety, quality care, and...
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