Mean Girls Film Critique

Topics: Adolescence, Friendship, High school Pages: 3 (1299 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Austin Ruggieri
May 2, 2012

Mean Girls

The movie Mean Girls is about a girl who has grown up in Africa and was homeschooled all of her life, named Cady. She is a 16-year-old white girl who has to learn how to adapt and change to her new environment, which is in a suburban area and a new completely average high school. Cady already knows that the laws of the jungle and the survival of the fittest but must now understand how to play in this brand new urban jungle. When she arrives in school she befriends an unpopular girl named Janis and her homosexual friend Damian, who quickly become Cady’s new best friends. Cady starts to have feelings for Regina’s ex boyfriend Aaron Samuels. When Regina finds out, she decided to show Cady that she is still the queen of their jungle. So Cady decides with her two new comrades that they will now dethrone the evil tyrant that is Regina George. In doing so, Cady becomes one of the “Plastics” undercover. However, Cady takes on more than she can handle and actually becomes one of the infamous “Plastics”. This is when everything seems to fall apart for Cady and she must find a way to rectify her status in school and remain friends with Janis and Damian, while still winning the prize that is Aaron Samuels, and defeating Regina. After she has to go through a realization that she is not a plastic, Cady decides that she will not be part of any clique, but instead create her own person image. And in this crazy urban jungle, Cady becomes a true member of the tribe. In my paper I plan on discussing how Cady had gone through two large parts of what we had studied in our class during the semester. First I will talk about friendship qualities, and second peer conformity. Both of these topics play large roles in this comedy. Because it was clearly satire, the directors over did each of the topics that I am discussing in order to show the world what really is going on in these high schools. My paper will be...
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