Mean Girls Film Analysis

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Long Vu / November 17, 2012 / Women Studies / Sally Winkle / Film Analysis Mean Girls
In Mean Girls, the main character is Lindsay Lohan who plays the role of a 15 year old high school student, Cady Heron. Cady is The 15-year-old, Africa-raised high school girl begins her high school life by learning what it’s like to be a normal girl by making friends and talking about other classmates. The first thing the students thought when they heard there was a new transfer student in class from Africa was a black person, so everyone turned to the darkest person in the room, waiting for his introduction, but that wasn’t the case. Cady (pronounced “Katie”) simply has zoologist parents that love nature and the African culture. Her first two friends are a girl who has been labeled as a lesbian and a guy that is considered gay. From these two friends, Cady learns about a group of pretty girls known as “the plastics” that basically do and get anything they want due to their physical attractiveness. The high school students have been segmented to their own groups such according to their hobbies and characteristics such as jocks and the mathletes. Cady encounters the Plastics by helping out her 2 friends to find out what has been written about them in a “burn book” which apparently has information on any and everyone at school. A sequence of events lead to Cady conforming to the beauty ideals of the plastics and even begin to take on the role as the “Queen Bee” by leading the girls and controlling everyone to get anything she wants.

The image of beauty is represented by the plastics and is shown to have power over everyone that views them as hot and sexy. Cady doesn’t understand much about how beauty and power relate until she realizes how the plastics seem to get away with everything by showing a little beauty. Slowly but gradually, Cady adapts to high school life and becomes a person she doesn’t respect.

The significance of the male is gaze in Mean Girls is the whole...
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