Me, Myself

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to play a big part in children’s education. As I was growing up I could see children of my age in Mongolia struggling to go to school because of their circumstances. It’s always been my goal in life to become a teacher and see children achieve their ambitions. Helping them to achieve what they want in life is a big ambition of mine. In 2012 working as a teaching assistant gave me the opportunity to spend my time with the children at the English School of Mongolia. I really enjoy my work placements because they have helped me to extend my theoretical and practical knowledge of children. My role in placements is to help children, who are struggling and less able to understand in English, providing age appropriate activities, singing with them, listening to them read and also reading to them. It was the most fascinating and interesting experience, I totally enjoyed working with children. I just loved the thought of waking up and knowing today am going to see them learn, help them learn and see them achieve and solve problems. This made me realise that becoming a primary school teacher was what I always wanted to do. Working at UB Post newspaper as a translator journalist; has helped me to learn to work in a busy environment. Working with people from different backgrounds, working as a team member, and communicating effectively members of staff has been a learning curve. I also have volunteered at TEDxUlaanbaatar to improve my English skills. I consider myself as a hardworking and self-motivated individual who enjoys facing challenges and finding a professional way to deal with them. I enjoy listening to children and members of staff and take their thoughts into consideration. Listening to other members of staff and getting feedback helps me to learn because I will know what areas I need to improve. I feel that my good communication skills are very essential when working as a team especially when children are...
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