Topics: Strategic management, Balance sheet, Asset Pages: 17 (5267 words) Published: June 22, 2012

M.Com Syllabus (CSS) semester: 2

Hours: 80

Credits: 4

Objectives: To acquaint students with the nature, scope, structure and operations of International Business. Module I: International Business- Meaning, Scope- Role in Economic Development - Reasons for going abroad for Business- National V/s International marketing- Trade barriers- Tariff and Non-tariff barriers- Balance of trade- Balance of payment- Techniques of International BusinessSubcontracting- joint ventures- counter trade. Hours 14 Module II: World Business Environment- political, economic, legal, socio cultural and psychological dimensions- impact of legal and political system, culture, language and consumption patterns of global business- Risk in International business- country risk, political risk, currency risk, Risk management and role of ECGC. Hours 14 Module III: Forces of global business- Driving, restraining and underlying forces- Transnational and multinational corporation- their functions- Mode of entry strategies- Foreign collaborationInternational investment- types, factors affecting Foreign Investment- FDI, FII- globalization of Indian business. Hours 20 Module IV: International Marketing Decisions - Product decision- Product development- PLCPricing- factors affecting pricing, transfer and retrograde pricing, export price quotation- International channel system and logistics- International promotions- Advertisement, trade fair and exhibition and personal selling. Hours 20 Module V: International Bilateral, Multilateral organizations- Behaviour- WTO, UNCTAD, OECD, SEZ, Free Trade Zones- Trade blocks- NAFTA, SAARC, ASEAN, APEC, LAFTA, OAU, GCC, EU(Brief explanations). Hours 12

Core Readings: 1. Roger Benneet International Business (Financial Times Management – Pitman Publishing, London) 2. International Business, Charles W L, TMH, New Delhi. 3. International Business, Czinkota, Michael, Cengage. 4. Justin Paul International Business (Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi, 2008) 5. Ajami International Business: Theory and Practice

(Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi, 2008) 6. P. Subba Rao, International Business – Text and cases (Himalaya Publishing House, 2004) 7. Warren Keegan and mark Green Global Marketing (PHI, New Delhi, 2006) Additional readings: 1. Sundaram and Black The International Business Environment: Text and Cases (Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi, 2008) 2. Daniels et al. Gloabalisation and Business (Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi, 2008) 3. Keegan W.J. International Marketing (Prentice Hall of India, N. Delhi, 2008) 4. Danoes, John D. Radebaugh, Lee H ., and Daniel P. Sullivan International Business: Environment and Operations, 12th ed., Prentice Hall, 2009. 5. Griffin, Ricky W. and Pustay, Michael W, International Business: A Managerial Perspective , Prentice Hall, 2009. 6. Hill, Charles, W.L., International Business , McGraw Hill Company, New York, 2009 7. Ball, Donald, Wendall H. McCulloch, Miachel Geringer, Michael S. Minor and Jeanne M. McNett, International Business: The Challenge of Global Compet ition, 12th edition, 2009, McGraw Hill Co. Current Readings: Journal of Foreign Trade Harvard Business Review

MODEL QUESTION PAPER SECOND SEMESTER M.Com (CSS)DEGREE EXAMINATION MC2 C 06-- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Time 3 hrs. PART A Answer all questions. Each carries one weight. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is a global company? What is a strategic alliance? What is Counter Trade? Define Currency risk. Name the major Tariff barriers. Total weights: 36

6. Explain SEZ. (6x1 = 6 weights) PART B Answer any Six. Each question carries 3 weights. 7. Why do we go international? 8. Identify the Socio cultural influence on International Trade. 9. Discuss the political risk factor influencing global trade. 10. Bring out the major features of MNCs. 11. Explain the entry strategies. 12. Discuss the role of FII and FDI in the developing economies. 13. Distinguish between transfer...
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