Mcj-202 Foundation of Criminology

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MCJ-202 Foundation of Criminology

1. Are there injurious acts in the society that are not considered and punished as crimes? Give at least 5 and explain.

There are some injurious acts in the society that are not considered as crime, because our law is a Reactive and not Proactive mean: the we considered what is the result of what you have done and not the motive or reason of what you have done. Examples of these are:

• Drunk Driving
Traffic fatalities caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol are another evil caused by the “beast in the bottle.” this crime is typically referred to as driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Driving under the influence is the most serious Part II offense because of its sometimes deadly consequences. It was pointed out that more people are killed by drunken drivers in a typical year than are murdered by other means.

• Inciting to violence
These may seem synonymous with riot, but it is not the same offense. The person is knowingly engage in conduct designed to urge or incite another to commit any offense of violence.

• False Alarms
This conduct induce panic, an example of inducting panic would be to yell, “Someone’s got a gun” in a crowded movie theatre, knowing that no one has a gun. These will later form a panic in anyone at the movie theatre.

• Sleeping in public 
• Panhandling or beggin
These 2 are not injurious but it makes the people barbaric. And they will cause harm not only for them self but for other as well.

2. What types of crimes that are prevalent during C.Y. 2008-2009? Explain the factors contributing to its prevalence, and what measures can you suggest in order to eliminate them.

During C.Y. 2008-2009 the crime that is prevalent are crimes against property. The economic factors are the robust determinants of crime rates. This implies that generally, the more the stable the economy is, the lower the crime rates. Thus, it is recommended that policy makers should focus on the stabilization of the economy because it has a significant influence on the variation of crime rates. One disturbing result of the study is that there is only a little support between the relationship of the number of policemen and crime rates; that is, the number of policemen is not statistically significant for the three models. There are two opposing implications for this: first, the number of policemen is not just really enough to influence crime rates; second, policemen are just inefficient on their job that is why they cannot simply influence the crime rates. There is also a big possibility to have both. It is recommended that the government should: hire additional policemen; conduct more extensive training, seminars, and reeducating for the old and new policemen; provide enough and advance facilities because policemen might not be effective even with their number if their facilities are outmoded or outdated.

3. Are criminals rational decision makers, or are they motivated by uncontrollable psychological drives?

Some criminals are rational thinkers, they analyze 1st the situation, if they will gain more and less chance of apprehension. It was according to the principle of the Rational Choice theory that crime is choice by any one because we have Free Will, a freedom to choice between good or bad. But still there are some that what we called Irrational Criminals, which is the situation made them criminal. Sometimes because of uncontrollable feeling, cause by the situation or accident and others because of mental incapacities.

4. Do you agree that the tendency to commit crime is inherited? If yes, what should you done in order to prevent it?

I beg to disagree that the tendency to commit crime is inherited. Because crime is a social phenomenon and not a scientific phenomenon which you can explain by simple reading and making a...
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