Mcdonalds- a Global Monoculture

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What is Globalization?
Has Globalization really become the cliché of the century? Globalization perceives the world as a way of interconnectivity through similar aspects of life that interest us as humans. Globalization begins from culture to economics and all the way to environmental situations creating a global shift, thus being the cliché of our time. Globalization moulds the world to create a connection through social relations all over the world. Globalization includes transactions between people concluding in a flow of activity, interaction, and power. It is distinguished by the four types of change. 1. The stretch of social, economic, and political activities across the global frontiers. 2. The growing number of interconnectivity and flow of trade, finance, and culture. 3. The speeding up of global interactions causing communication to travel and increase the diffusion of ideas 4. The global consequences on the amount of information through global interactions (effects one part of the world will effect another) The true meaning of globalization is referred through Hyper Globalist, the Sceptical, and the Transformationalist views. * Hyper Globalists claim that the world we reside in is increasingly global and we are subjected to huge economic and political processes of change. This view believes in diminishing the power of politicians and cutting back on them being ‘decision takers’ rather than ‘decision makers’ * Sceptics view, current international processes as being more fragmented and regionalized than globalized. * Transformationlists argue that globalization is developing new economic, political, and social circumstances which are here to change state powers and the ways in which the states operate. They indicate that there is constant change and the globalization process cannot be determined In conclusion globalization is illustrated as the growing expansion of the world wide interconnectivity by producing what interest’s humans most, creating a growing number of working activity through relations all over the world. History of Mcdonalds?

Mcdonalds started off as a barbeque restaurant in California owned my Maurice and Richard McDonald. They used production line preparation to create quick and easy hamburgers. Taking note of the brother’s successful business- entrepreneur Ray Kroc bought the right to franchise the store. Ray then changed the McDonalds corporation name in 1960, and focused his marketing attention towards making it a family friendly place to enjoy meals. The smiling clown; Ronald McDonald was also created to make the restaurant child welcoming. McDonalds now exceeds 30 000 restaurants globally and serves over 64 million people in 118 countries each day. McDonalds is known as the largest hamburger fast food chain in the world as well as producing tasteful fast food. McDonalds and Globalization

It is almost impossible to run into a person that hasn’t had McDonalds ever, or even harder to travel somewhere with no McDonalds outlet available to you. McDonalds is the largest growing fast food chain in the world, expanding through 118 countries with 32,000 franchises and opens a new restaurant every 3 hours! As a major multinational corporation McDonalds has had the ability to open an outlet on every continent except Antarctica. McDonald’s serves at least 35 million people a day which is more than one percent of the world’s population. The golden arches employ a shocking 1.7 million people. McDonalds has received an enormous amount of criticism directed towards, the impact on health factors in diets of people worldwide, as well as its labour practices impacting the environment. With these critics the business gains more and more popularity as it has been broadcasted and published by Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me. McDonalds Goes Global

McDonalds globally expands as it opens 8 new restaurants outside the U.S every day. It is the “corporate policy” to adjust to the cultural...
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