Mccarthy and Salem Trials

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  • Published: April 25, 2013
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Submitted for course number SSC 105
Readings in World Civilization
Research project number 05023800

The topic which I have selected is McCarthyism and Salem witch trials. Basically we will see what are the similar things between them are and what things differentiate them from each other and also the impacts of these on the people who were actually innocent.

The reason that I selected this topic what that I wanted to observe and explore the mistakes in these systems because if we don’t learn from our mistakes we are bound to repeat them in the future which can be destructive not only for us, but for the public as well because when we make a mistake and keep on repeating it, eventually the mistake can become bigger and have a great impact on a number of people in the near future.

At the time of Salem, the lives of people, the innocent people, were made horrible by throwing stones at them, also by drowning them, and this was not all because the worst part was that they were also hung in order to find the guilty person from the people of the town. “The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693.” (Blumberg, 2007). When Mather came into power, the officers who were losing at that time, were actually penalized or punished by those who were present in the military at that time, and the people who actually made any attempts to go towards any religion other than Christianity, were the ones punished by the members of the church. Moreover, Mather had a bias towards judges and also the trials, however he was against the idea of spectral evidence that was used by them at that time. “…it was Mather's interest in the craft and actions of Satan that won him an audience with the most powerful figures involved in the trial proceedings…” (Walker, 2001)

Even though people didn’t favor him, he still continued with his acts.

At the time of McCarthy, there were a number of people who actually became jobless due to the fact that they had their own views regarding different political parties and also different views related to the gender basis. Who were these people. What professions or walks of life did they come from. However, some people believed that McCarthy wanted to finish the communism, that is why he did whatever he wanted to, but there was a strong belief that the method used by him was definitely not correct. “McCarthy did make many false accusations of Communism.” (Krebs, 2008) What McCarthy basically did was that he got those people out of America in some way or the other, who according to him did not fill the criteria of being an. Basically, he wanted to throw out those people who were against America however, he threw out anyone who acted different, be it either with a good intention or a bad one. This way he was able to use his power in whatever way he wanted to. It eventually resulted in the “Red Scare”. The techniques used by him were against the ethics. His main aim was to defeat the other parties. He achieved his motive by telling lies regarding or relating to the candidates and at times also about their personal lives. He did this quiet successfully for a number of years because what he did was, accused those who were against him as communists and therefore no one could express their opinions at that time. “Some had their passports taken away, while others were jailed for refusing to give the names of other communists.”(Miller, 2006)

Basically, the similarities between both, Salem Trials and the McCarthy, the people used their power in a negative manner. They scared people and the people who were hurt the most during those times, were the innocent people. Moreover, the people had no proofs of what was being done was correct or no and therefore couldn’t do anything regarding these...
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