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‘Fiercely ambitious at my heart, my goal is to be nothing but the best’

My greatest source of inspiration is my father. I have seen him struggle to the extent that he has literally lived in his office for days. I have been raised in a family that has risen to the surface facing challenges. From a small apartment to a fully furnished house, my family still values every dime. Because of an independent upbringing and living with an achiever like elder sister I have dedicatedly worked hard to continuously grow and develop with my sincerest efforts. The vital combination of my eagerness to know things and ability to learn things at a faster pace made my schooling easy. I have been among the top at every step in my education. With distinction in high school and my degree I have also aced in extracurricular activities. I have captioned the class cricket team, won accolades in martial arts tournaments and performed on stage as a lead and chords guitarist.

I started working with XYZ COMPANY before I started my graduate studies, mainly for part-time earnings. But after being associated with the firm for some time it developed my knowledge of the business and also my interest. Consequently I inculcated in me vital qualities such as tolerance, team work and learned the importance of interpersonal relations. After graduation and maturing into a responsible employee I was promoted as the Sales and Marketing manager which transformed the nature of my duties that enabled me to use my innovative talent and gave me the opportunity to gain some quality experience. My dedication to my job and my result-oriented approach has earned me valuable professional respect.

After being through an accident which I prefer calling a life changing experience I have learned things that cannot be penned, read or seen but only experienced. The increasing levels of atrocious pain while being confined to a bed in a dismal environment only demanded...
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