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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Discuss your post-MBA professional goals, beginning with the MBA specialization you plan to pursue. How did you decide on this career path, and why do you feel these goals are realistic for you?


A lonely child stands in the Ganges River washing his clothes pondering his life. An elderly fisherman floats on a tiny handmade boat in the Amazon wondering if he will catch food for his family to eat that night. An underdog football player, who after trying for years, finally gets his chance at the big time. No matter what the story, television and film is a powerful means of communication combining imagery, action, and sound to transmit a message to an audience in an exceptional way. No matter what you are seeking to broadcast, what your target market is, or how big a budget you have, you can convey any message or idea that you desire.

The XYZ MBA program is exactly what I am looking for in my next step of my professional career. I believe that the XYZ program will be a perfect catalyst for a transition from my current production background into a more business-oriented background in television and film.

The MBA specialization that I plan to pursue is Supply Chain Management with an area of emphasis in Entrepreneurship. A degree in Supply Chain Management will allow me to identify, acquire, and manage all the resources a business or organization requires to meet strategic goals. I will learn valuable lessons in team leading, communication, cost management, and strategic thinking. I already have an undergraduate degree in Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship, however I feel that the additional education I will receive at XYZ will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal, which is to start my own television/film production company.
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