Maya Augelou

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Maya Angelou is a poet, author, actress, director, historian, educator, playwright, civil rights activist, producer, and a lecturer. She was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri. She has two brothers and is the oldest of three children. Her parents were Bailey and Vivian Johnson but they did not raise her. Her parents were divorced when she was three; she was raised by her grandmother in segregated Stamps, Arkansas. While living with her grandmother, she gained pride and religion as an important element in their home. Angelou was sent back to live with her mother after five years of not seeing her. Maya’s childhood was difficult and very much different than the ones today. Her mother’s boyfriend raped her; the rapist told her that if she told anyone what happened, he would hurt her brother Bailey. The rapist caused Maya to become mute for five years of her life. She was sent back to Stamps Arkansas because no one could handle her in the state that she was in. The muteness caused her to take an interest in literature. A woman named Mrs. Flowers constantly worked with her during rough times and eventually it paid off because Maya began to speak again. In Maya’s teen and early adulthood she worked as a waitress, a prostitute, a madam, and a dancer. She was also the first black streetcar conductor in San Francisco. While living with her mother, she realized that she did not like it there and did not like the way she was living. She moved away with her dad and his girlfriend and they did not treat her right. She ran away from there and lived in a graveyard of wrecked cars where homeless kids lived. She moved back home and got pregnant, after which she had a son named Guy at the age of sixteen. She realized that she had no way to support him. She discovered that she could dance and got hired at a dance theatre. Later on she met Tosh Angelou and married him. She later divorced him because of his atheism and their different belief in God. During her lifetime she...
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