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Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem on Earth, and are distributed across the globe. Forests account for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth's biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth's plant biomass. (Yude, 2013). Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways. (Vogt, 2007). Forests provide ecosystem services to humans, but also impose economic, environmental, health and aesthetic costs. Human interactions with the forest, including harvesting forest resources, affect the forest ecosystem. Humans have generally decreased the amount of forest worldwide. Anthropogenic factors that can affect forests include logging, urban sprawl, human-caused forest fires, acid rain, invasive species, and the slash and burn practices of swidden agriculture or shifting cultivation. The loss and re-growth of forest leads to a distinction between two broad types of forest, primary or old-growth forest and secondary forest. There are also many natural factors that can cause changes in forests over time including forest fires, insects, diseases, weather, competition between species, etc. In 1997, the World Resources Institute recorded that only 20% of the world's original forests remained in large intact tracts of undisturbed forest . (World Resources Institute, 1998) More than 75% of these intact forests lie in three countries—the  Boreal forests of Russia and Canada and the rainforest of Brazil. The Municipality of Catarman, especially the interior barangays, is faced with the problem of degradation of natural resources, especially its forest resources. This is usually due to illegal practices of the people such as logging of young trees; the lumber harvested indiscriminately for money, and also to due to the irresponsibility of the residents/ people.

In this research, I will be determining the extent of deforestation through quadrat sampling. And will see if the demographic profile of the residents is one aspect of deforestation and to know their activities that results to deforesting the area through a survey questionnaire. I will be determining the impact of deforestation in the area and to the people that lived there.

Statement of the Problem
1. What is the the extent of the deforestation in selected area in Catarman? 2. What are the demographic characteristics of the respondents that contribute to the deforestation of study area?

3. What are the anthropogenic activities that may have contributed to the deforestation of the study area?
4. What are the effects of deforestation in the study area?

Objectives of the Study
1. To determine the extent of the deforestation in some areas of Catarman.

2. To determine the factors affecting deforestation in the study area in terms of the respondents’ educational attainment, monthly income and occupation/ primary livelihood activity.
3. To assess the anthropogenic activities that may have contributed to the
deforestation in Catarman.
4. To determine the effects of deforestation in the study area. Significance of the Study
The study will provide valuable information regarding the extent of deforestation in some selected areas in Catarman. This will be essential to the community that uses the forest so that they will be enlightened about the present condition of the forest thus, increase their awareness and encourage them to actively participate in implementing measures in conserving the natural resources particularly, forest resources.

Knowledge gained from this study will serve as information to guide the local government in policy formulation on forest management. The result of this study will likewise aid in determining possible sources that causes deforestation and will somehow help the people to be aware of their role in protecting the forest and the environment in general.

As an academic undertaking, this research will...
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