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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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In the book reading and writing across article “Young Doctors and Wish Lists” written by Matt Richtel explains why dermatology is the most competitive field compared to those who are interested in internal medicine. Mr. Richtel says this is because most medical residents want a controllable lifestyle. Most medical fields demand you to be on all call and can call you to come in at anytime. Which doesn’t let doctors spend as much time as they would like with there families. Dr. Boldrick who is training to be a dermatologist says, “The surgery life style is so much worse”. Dr. Boldrick rejected a career in plastic surgery also says “I wants to have a family and when you work 80 to 90 hours a week you can’t even take care of yourself” The author says that other specialties that have gained a lot of popularity are radiology, anesthesiology, and emergency-room medicine. With all these differences there is one thing in common; doctors are aloud to put work behind them when they finish their shifts like a normal job. Young doctors say that they want is that “when they finish their shift, they don’t carry a beeper, they’re done,” said Dr. Gregory W. Rutecki who is the chairman of medical education at Evanston northwestern Healthcare. Dr. Rutecki also said that there is a “brain drain” to dermatology, radiology, and anesthesiology. What this means is that students that don’t get selected as residents in lifestyle friendly specialties are choosing internal medicine by default. As the years go by residents choosing dermatology is steadily increasing. The author says this because looking at the American academy of dermatology there are 343 dermatology residents in their third year, 377 in their second year and 392 in their first year. (Writing and Reading across the curriculum (bottom of page p.272))

The author suggests that dermatology is a symbol for a “controllable lifestyle. One-stop dermatology spas seem to open weekly and offer quick-fix lip filters, laser...
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