Matriarchal Society and Patriarchal Society

Topics: Gender role, Sociology, Family Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 17, 2012
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Matriarchal Society and Patriarchal Society
The story is narrated by the narrator Leslie Marmon Silko. Silko was a Native American poet, story writer whose work is mainly focused over the relations, religions and cultural societies. The story is based upon a woman who belongs to Pueblo and she is out with a stranger outside her pueblo. The stranger was Silva who seduces her and told her that he is ka’tsina spirit and he keeps on calling her yellow woman. The narrator enjoys Silva’s company, he is found out to be a cattle rustler and or possibly a murderer. The people of Pueblo used to believe in a myth that Ka’tsina is a spirit who used to abduct women and later return it back to the village. The word yellow woman realizes her about her Grandfather who use tell her stories about Ka’tsina and Yellow women, but as now her grandpa is no more so she is worried about the excuse he would be making once she gets back home. She thought to herself that she will tell her husband that she was being kidnapped by Navajo. The whole story shows the contrast of life in the matriarchal society of America and Patriarchal society of America. Matriarchal society means the society in which the mothers play a central role in the whole social culture. In this kind of society women used to hold the responsibilities and all leadership roles. The patriarchal society is the one in which father plays the central role in the life of wife and children. He is the one who has all privileges to make decisions in the organization. In South America it shows some hints of existence of historical societies like matriarchal. The author gives the difference between the thoughts and notions of these two societies. If the instance like this would have happened in patriarchal society that the women was out from...
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