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The Indigo Panel
“A change in the system is not a fruit which ripens and falls for you. You have to make it fall” Elections are the perfect platform to make you chose “A change in system” or “The monotonous System” Students are the main stake holders of every institute. Their rights should be the primarily focused issue for any student’s body. So do WE… “Our Law is the Student’s Welfare”

We are:
* Experienced – Raj Kumar– President
* Revolutionary- M. Ghazanfar-VicePresident
* Planners-Michael Fernandez- G.Secratery
The fundamental Issues to be addressed are divided into 3 Broader Categories: 1. Core Facilities
2. Transparency
3. Life and Academics at SZABIST
Core Facilities:
1. Mosque:
Want to offer Salah but:
Problems | Solutions|
It is raining| Installing a Roof at Mosque|
Hot Climate | |
Ablution area is untidy| Shoe Racks having separate sleepers to be wore while ablution. A Tap outside the ablution area to be installed so that the Salah offerer first wash their feet and then go into ablution areaMaintenance of Ablution area |

2. Sanitary:
Feel to Fresh, but stop the natures call just because:
Problems | Solutions|
Washrooms are dirty| Daily monitoring of Sanitary Conditions| No place to hang the bag | Installation of Racks and Hangers | No racks to put notebooks outside| 1. |
3. GCR:
Girls having one class in morning and the other in evening, but can’t stay at GCR because Problems | Solutions|
Poor Ventilation System | Installation of Air Conditioner | Bad Environment | |
Carpets are wet | Installation of electronic air fragrance system | the Smell forces you to remain outside the Room| |
4. Study Room:
Want to have a group study, need a place for discussion, seeking a place to prepare for presentations but: Problems | Solutions|
No Chairs in Study Room| Installation of Air Conditioner | Broken Tables | |
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